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Walmark's great anniversary!

Walmark's great anniversary!

Publikováno: 05.06.2010

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Walmark celebrates 20 years since its foundation!Walmark's Great Anniversary

The largest manufacturer of vitamins and dietary supplements in Central and Eastern Europe, the Walmark company in Třinec, celebrates 20 years since its foundation. The festive evening took place in Třinec. All Walmark's products are manufactured at its plant in Třinec, one of the most modern pharmaceutical plants in the Czech Republic that meets strict criteria for the manufacture of medicines specified by the State Institute for Drug Control (GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate). Walmark provides its customers in the Czech and Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and France, top quality innovative products and services in the field of health care. Walmark actively promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages its customers to a responsible approach to their own health, which is a prerequisite for a high-quality and active life. "The fact it is possible to come up with an idea, implement it and succeed is an inspiration and challenge for our further work," Petr Turoň, Executive Director, said. The main source of the company growth is mainly its successful acting in foreign markets and Export Department activities. In addition to selling through its own branches Walmark exports its products to more than three dozens of countries, not only in Europe but also in the Middle and Far East, e.g. to Kuwait, Vietnam, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. Individual nutritional supplements and vitamins are subject to strict assessment. "Any analysis of various raw materials, active ingredients and excipients, finished products and the environment take place at the highest possible level," the Walmark spokesperson Ilona Urbanová said. Production in Walmark is in compliance with all legal requirements that are imposed on individual types of manufactured products, in particular with the Act on Foodstuffs, the Act on Pharmaceuticals and other related regulations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture. Distributed products are properly registered and approved by nature by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and the State Institute for Drug Control. The internal inspection system examines individual processes and functioning of the entire quality management system. The whole group of Walmark turnover for the financial year 2009 amounted to CZK 2.45 billion, of which the turnover on foreign markets amounted to CZK 1.15 billion.